Yemi Alade Shades Haters

Yemi Alade

Nigerian Afropop and songwriter Yemi Alade has thrown some shades at her haters on her Twitter page.

Yemi Alade has sent a stern warning to some people who have a problem with her success. She has taken to her Twitter page to send her message across to her supposed haters. According to her, hers haters can also go into music and portray their singing ability if they feel they are better than her.

“If eh dey pain you, say I dey sing and I dey win, go do your own. Nobody hold your mouth. ☕🐸

You think it ends on social media, my friend there is real life. Go and check yourself.

Drinking my☕ and minding my business. I am here to work and feed my family, anything extra is a blessing from God.”

Read her post below….

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