Taadi Street automobile Show Classic Cars Displays

Taadi street auto show

Taadi Street automobile Show Classic Cars Displays

The maiden edition of Taadi Street automobile Show Classic Cars Displays came off on the 28th of December as expected.it was a very anticipated event as such event has not been held in the city.

Taadi street auto show

As at 13 hours local time, the location i.e. the parking lots of Takoradi mall was ready for the action. Slots have been demarcated for the participants

The 1961 Renault 4 was the first vehicle to arrive at the event. It was followed by a power bike, the BMW club of western region and Asidu the inventor who made a triumphant with his self-made automobiles.

As all the participants gathered, the arrangement was made for the street procession through the streets of Takoradi.

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The convey caught a lot attention as they moved through the city. At some point during the procession, they stopped to refill their fuel tanks and they continued the trip. During the refill break, people took pictures with the convey and asked questions about the event.

The convey arrived at the event premises with every vehicle and participant in good shape. Interviews were conducted starting with the Renault 4, Asidu the inventor, the BMW crew and Mr. Bruce of revvit up Ghana.

The crowd were allowed to take pictures with the vehicles on display. They were more fascinated by the vehicles manufactured by Asidu the inventor and took pictures standing by and sitting on it.

The climax of the event was when the BMW crew gave the crowd an experience of a life time with drifts and stunts to the pleasure the people present. The crowd cheered whiles taking pictures and videos.

For a maiden event in the city, it was a great spectacle and the people appreciated the efforts of the organizing team. Like Oliver Twist, they asked for more of this event.

Taadi street auto show will be an annual event which will held on the last Saturday of every year in the city of Takoradi. For more pictures, follow Taadi street auto show on Facebook .Taadi street auto show ….. Taadi on wheels.

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