RuffTown Insider Promises To Leak Explicit Video Of Wendy Shay And Bullet

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

RuffTown record signee Wendy Shay is just two years in the industry but the controversies surrounding her as uncountable.

One rumor that has been going around since her introduction into the music scene is that she is more than a signee to Bullet who is the CEO of the label.

In a new twist, an insider with the record label has asked Wendy Shay to confirm her relationship with her boss or she wakes up one day to see her sex tape with Bullet online.

According to a source, the insider revealed he/she was tired with the two always denying they are not dating when all those close to them know they are going out.

It revealed that the insider has planned to drop the video should the two deny that they are in a relationship.

Bullet and Wendy Shay have for years now been denying those rumours but it looks like more people are ready to drop proofs to prove that the two are chopping each other.

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