Police Officer Involved In George Floyd’s Death Freed


In a report we have chanced upon, one of the police officers involved in the death of black American, George Floyd, Thomas Lane, has been reportedly freed.

This police officer was one of the four officers who were connected to the death of the famous black American in recent times.

He was arrested with three others and he was charged for aiding and abetting second-degree murder and manslaughter.

He reportedly posted a bail of $750,000 and was released on Wednesday from the Hennepin County Jail, with conditions.

However, the other three policemen involved in the death of George are still in the bars.

Lane, 37, was released after his lawyer claimed that he was a rookie.

Additionally, the lawyer revealed that he only held Floyd’s feet so he could not kick.

Furthermore, a complaint also revealed that he (Lane) showed great concern about George Floyd’s situation as he reportedly told Chauvin on two occasions if they should roll Floyd to his side.

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