Kojo Nyce said “ERL3” is Spiritual this is why people are given more attention to it

Kojo Nyce
Kojo Nyce

“ERL3” is Spiritual this is why people are given more attention to it

Kojo Nyce, the C.E.O of Nyce Legends Music Releases another mind-blowing song which is causing bruhaha all over with his title of the song “ERL3”. This made us draw close to him to find out the meaning of the title to his song. Many gave us thrilling meaning to “ERL3” some say it means “Sweet” others say it means “Demonstration”.

Dating Back from 2017 Kojo Nyce who is the C.E.O of Nyce Legends Music has dropped many mind-blowing hit songs which people have not paid attention to, but we are amazed how people are giving much attention to this particular song “ERL3”. From my view I see it be because of the representation of the suffering and affliction of the normal person in the society especially the youths who he represented in his song, calling the President and people who are wealthy in the Society to come to their aid and spectacular dance which is staged like fighting wherever ERL3 is sung in the song.

Finally, we were able to meet him where he explained the meaning of “ERL3” as “Anything”. We further ask him which language he picked the word ERL3 from and he told us that “Languages are created to communicate our suffering to the big guys who will not listen to our normal language” Hence the meaning of Erl3 is “We would do anything to sustain the hardship in the economy”. He further used the opportunity to admonish the youths not to engage in practices that will make them regret their actions tomorrow, but rather they should believe in God and Keep on fighting and one day God will surely butter their bread.

Now that you know, I challenge you to listen to this song and let us know if the meaning of the song is true as he said, or is the normal trick Artists play on us. Please leave your comments below.

Use the link below to download and listen to

Kojo Nyce – Erl3 (Feat. Kobby Strykah) (Prod. By NyceBeat)

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