JUST IN : Aspiring NDC candidate for Okai koi South eager to hit a stick to an unknown woman


The aspiring NDC parliamentary candidate for Okai koi South, Kotei Neequaye is eager to hit a stick of thorns at an unknown lady.

With His reason being that the unknown Lady is the opposition and the ruling party, NPP’s spy.

The said incident happened today, 9th July 2020 exact 7:30 am. The aspiring NDC parliamentary candidate was having a chat or conversation with one of his Primaries delegate and also a campaign team member. The Lady who use to drop her child at a nursery close to the MP’s house was then seated on wooden bench given to her by the same MP’s delegate who was having a chat with the Aspiring MP.

Whiles the conversation between the Aspiring mp and his delegate where ongoing, the lady had a phone call from a family member and she was so excited to talk.

Out of the skies, from no where, the Aspiring mp took a stick full of thorns and was furious and eager to hit the lady.

With Mr. Kotei Neequaye saying the lady is a spy for the ruling party NPP.
Neighbours came around to disqualify the act of the Aspiring mp. Later he was told this lady has been dropping her baby at the school for almost 3-4 years.

This is unfair for a man to treat a lady and in such conduct, moreover, he is no other man than an Aspiring NDC parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi south whom he will be contesting the New NPP candidate, Darkoa Newman this year’s election coming 7th December.

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