iShootMedia To Launch Dangme Music Awards

Dangme Music Awards
Dangme Music Awards

iShootMedia To Launch Dangme Music Awards For Musicians Of Dangme Origin

Off its social support initiatives for hardworking musicians of Dangme origin, iShootMedia has decided to launch its Dangbe Music Awards scheme to encourage more underground Dangme musicians to hone their craft from a minority setting to a major standard that makes them duly eligible for national A-list opportunity considerations.

Currently, iShootMedia is in preparation mode towards the scheme’s official launch. The team is in talks with top Dangme land authorities for their complimentary support.

The scheme covers Ada, Pampram, Shai Hills, Somanya, Afeinya, Dawenya, Osudoku, and Ningo.

The Dangme Music Awards nomination window is not open yet, but the scheme’s categories have been created. On the calendar, iShootMedia’s affiliated publicists are to commence blogging from mid-February. The launch of the scheme comes off late March or early April.

Below is the DMA category chart: [Insert the Categories Flyer here]

Dangme Music Awards Categories
Dangme Music Awards Categories

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