Bobrisky Shares His Success Story On How He Transitioned From Being Iddris Olanrewaju To Becoming A Rich Bobrisky


Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, better known as Bobrisky has shared the struggle and rejections he went through to become a thriving brand that people and businesses chase after for endorsements.

According to him, he can now boast of luxurious cars and owning a home in Lekki at age 25.

The crossdresser took to social media to explain the rejections, pain, and hate he went through before he was finally able to make it.

He captioned in his post that “When I started dis Bobrisky brand lot of people laugh at me, mock me, insult me. They call me all sorts of names. Today Bobrisky is known all over d world. Not only that guys. At 25yrs I got my first house in Lekki own by me. Different amazing cars. Pick a hustle today and stop hating on other people finding means to survive..”

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